Most beginner string instrument students will start with a fractional sized instrument (as opposed to a full sized). It is common and expected that children outgrow beginner level (fractional sizes) string instruments. As your child outgrows a fractional sized instrument contact us to exchange it for the next size up. There is no charge for the exchange--simply continue with the same monthly lease payment. When your child is ready for a full sized string instrument, RMI credits 50% of your fractional sizes lease principal payments to our full sized rent to own instruments.

To determine the fractional size needed use a yardstick or tape measure and measure from the middle of the neck under the chin down the length of the fully extended left arm to the middle of the palm. If your child is an "in between" measurement it is best to go with the smaller size instrument.
3/4 Size Violin (22 inches)
1/2 Size Violin (20 inches)