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Drum and Bell

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The Percussion family family is an interesting one, every member of the percussion section in band must be able to play every instrument in the section. In elementary band, there are usually only two instruments played; the Bells and the Snare Drum. The percussion instruments are a part of the band, along with the brass and woodwinds families.

Is this an easy, intermediate or advanced instrument?
Do you have a good sense of beat and rhythm? Can you tap one foot and one hand at different times with a steady beat? If you can, you'll take to playing percussion instruments naturally. The challenging part of playing percussion is learning to play all the instruments, not just a snare drum. There's the timpani, cymbals, bass drum, and all the melodic instruments like xylophone, bells and marimba. It's fun, but it also takes a lot of dedication to learn the techniques on a large variety of instruments.

Famous Players
Lionel Hampton - jazz virtuoso know for his vibe playing
Jake Hanna - drummer who played with most of the great big bands and jazz artists
Phil Collins -
Steve Houghton - one of LA recording studios busiest musicians... he does it all
Tommy Aldridge - Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy, Pat Travers, Whitesnake and others have been powered by Tommy.
Carmen Appice - drummer for Vanilla Fudge and Frank Zappa
Danny Seraphine - Drummer for the band Chicago
Ed Shaughnessy - former drummer for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show Band with Doc Severinsen
Ed Soph - played with best big bands on the planet and now teaches at North Texas State University
Ringo Starr - world famous drummer of The Beatles