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The cello (pronounced like 'chello') is one of the larger instruments of the string family. Like the other string instruments, it's sound is produced by either drawing a bow across one of the 4 strings or by plucking.

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The cello is like the tenor voice in a choir and may people love its dark, rich tone. The instrument is played while seated and the first step is simply learning to hold it between your knees and with your left hand while using the right hand to move the bow across the open strings (not using the left hand fingers to press the strings down just yet). Once this is comfortable and more natural feeling, you'll learn to change notes by using the left hand fingers to press the strings down to the fingerboard. It's just a matter of learning to coordinate these actions's pretty easy with a little practice. With a lot of practice you'll get really good at it! That's when you become a musician!

Famous Players
Yo-Yo Ma - considered the world's best living cello player, a professional musician since the age of 5.
Mitislav Rostroprovich - Russian cellist and conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington.
Pablo Casals - Spanish virtuosos who was also highly respected as a conductor.